Friday, January 3, 2014

The Bollywood Wedding

I was soooo excited when I received Sabrina's wedding invitation, I've known her half my life plus there was a very enticing Bollywood theme, yay! My cousin, Joey, very kindly gave me this beautiful piece of saree material from India in a bright red fabric embroidered with teeny tiny mirrors all over it edged with a forest green border. Given that I'm hopelessly uncoordinated, the tailor sewed it into a ready to wear saree for me.

Not sure if this came from the Savage Garden song or a quote from Bub's favourite book Guess How Much I Love you. I wish I could have pinched this back!

The Bollywood wedding was a very colourful affair: a lot of care and love went into all the little details. Instead of a guestbook, we were invited to write well wishes on the fabric painting. I scrawled a bold, swirling message in bright orange ... until I turned around and realised that people were writing discreet small words. Opppps ...

It was so much fun attending the wedding with Stacey. Hubs looked after Bubs for a bit while the both of us got dressed in our sarees at the hotel. We chatted, we laughed together and kept peeking out of the window to look at all of the guests. We stuck on identical red bindis and piled on bangles. Stacey's saree was an ethereal looking white chiffon with sparkly silver beads and a delicate silver border. Bub's eyes went o-so-wide when he saw me all dressed up in the red saree, complete with jewellery that tinkled as I walked.

We spent most of the might nudging each other to look at all of the the sumptuous fabrics and dazzling array of sarees donned by most of the wedding party and guests. I was fascinated with the heavy embroideries, the glittering jewellery - it all brought out my inner magpie. 

Love was written all over the happy couple's faces :)

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