Monday, June 24, 2013

Of Birthdays and Shopping

It was my Dad's birthday last week and we took him out for dinner. He hates being the centre of attention so he was warning us about no birthday cakes and no public singing. Being the dutiful daughter I am, I obeyed.

While unicorns pranced along the mall. A leprechaun distributed good coins. And Bubs ate green vegetables for dinner happily. Yeah right.

After dinner ended, the waiter brought out the croquembouche, I started singing Happy Birthday and clapped as loud as I could. Bubs happily chirped in and the the rest of my family sang along too. Dad looked soooo embarrassed and happy. Mission accomplished!

The croquembouche from Mon Delice Patisserie was out of this world fantastic. Everyone politely just had one at first, saying that they were too full from dinner, well everyone apart from Bubs was was most enthusiastically tucking into them. Then they started eating more, and more ... until there were only a couple left.

While walking around, we saw a life sized version of Sulley from Monsters Inc. I was curious to see if Bubs would find him cute or terrifying. Bubs was freaked out and refused to go near him unless we carried him and kept saying "monster has sharp teeth". LOL.

EL, my uni bestie, was back from Sydney for a visit and we managed to hang out together. It was just like old times and brought back lots of happy memories of skipping classes to go to the mall together. We had lunch together and caught up on a lot of gossip. Only she can make eating potato chips that seductive ;)

Needless to say, we went shopping happily. I can't count the number of times when we went home heavily laden with shopping bags and she'd furtively try to stash them into her college backpack so her mum wouldn't see that we did more shopping! The Aussie dollar conversion was in her favour so she did a lot of contribution for the local retail economy. Even more needless to say, she is such an enabler! She kept picking up lots of things that she swore would look good on me and we ended up getting the same top together in different colours. EL, I miss going shopping with you :( I need to save up for a trip to visit you there and do more extensive damage to my bank account.

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