Monday, June 17, 2013

Cheeky Lil Bubs

Gradually without us noticing, Bubs's seems to have hit a speech milestone. He's talking in sentences and becoming more argumentative. Half the time, we don't know if we should be exasperated or laugh.

"What-a-heck?" Okay, this is totally my bad. He overheard me and he's been saying it every now and then just to push my buttons. Moral of the story: keep a poker face on each time he repeats "forbidden" words so he'll forget about it.

Bubs actually remembers all my nagging constant reminders (about teeth brushing and finishing your greens) and uses them in rebuttals.

Me: Enough ice cream for you now, young man. If you continue to eat anymore ice cream, all your teeth are going to fall out.
Bubs: No it won't, I just brushed my teeth!

Me: Let's go to the playground. you need to run around and exercise so you can grow tall.
Bubs: I don't want to go. I already ate veggies, I can grow tall now.

He's becoming an ace at negotiation.

Me: Bubs, come give Mummy a hug.
Bubs (busy stuffing his little mouth with a giant wedge of cake): Mummy, I eat my breakfast first, then I hug you. Understand?

And this now ... his being sarcastic is definitely a chip off the old block, that's for sure :)

Bubs bopped Hubs on the head with a toy and refused to apologise.

Me: Bubs, say sorry to Daddy. 

Bubs thought about it for a while and with a devilish grin, repeated word for word "sorry to Daddy" followed by more cheeky laughter at the confounded looks on our faces.

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