Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Busy Hands

Sneaky little ways to keep little hands busy for times when you need some peace and quiet to yourself.

Place a large bowl full of colourful wooden beads, small pebbles, alphabets, a spoon and a variety of smaller plastic bowls and watch him have fun with it. I didn't give him any instructions or guide him on what he was supposed to do with them so I was a little surprised he came up with stacking the sofa cushions, propping the bowls on them almost vertically and then placing all the little baubles in them. I held my breath thinking that the bowls would come crashing to the floor and he'd chuck a tantrum but amazingly they didn't and he had quite a bit of fun with them.  

Name me a kid that doesn't like splashing with water. This was really simple and he had a blast with this. I tossed him a bunch of bowls and utensils and let him do the "washing up".

When in doubt - just feed them. I was fascinated by how well he could eat corn on the cob and this kept him occupied for quite a good while.

Any other tips on how to keep a toddler occupied?

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