Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Father's Day at China House and Singapore House.

We had a tiny Father's Day celebration at China House, just the three of us, plates of cakes and an iced mocha - just the way Hubs likes it.

Since I forgot about getting him a pressie this year, Bubs and I came up with an impromptu one - a hastily sketched Happy Father's Day card on the table cover. Bubs was elated with the cup full of colourful crayon bits and doodled to his content.

We'd a slice of the tiramisu and ginger treacle cake. The tiramisu was slightly boozy though not too decadently rich and needless to say, Bubs was not allowed to eat this. I loved the ginger treacle cake, it was dense, mildly spiced and not too gingery.

We walked past the prettily decorated courtyard - I think they were having a small wedding there earlier.

We moseyed around the area and to our delight, found the doors of Sekeping Victoria open as they were hosting a small art exhibition as part of George Town Festival. Raw concrete walls, cement floors with chunks broken for trees to grow indoors, sofa sets made from wire ... this place has to be seen to be believed. Fairy Godma - now you know why I kept insisting that you drop by China House this weekend?


Look a little closer and you'll find these pieces of art are made from ordinary items found in Penang households. The giant red star are made from plastic dippers.

Singapore House is just a few doors away from the Victoria Street entrance of China House and it's a month long retail space featuring Singaporean multi-brand artisan retailers. We were attracted by the gorgeous paper blooms at entrance. Can you spot the metallic dino popping out from a giant flower?

I was enamoured with the wall covered by all the different and brightly hued flowers and how creative they were. Can you believe that the small, feathery flowers on the floor are made from badminton shuttlecocks?

Letter pressing by the Gentlemen's Press.

Singaporean indie literature at Books Actually.

If you wander up the tiny staircase, you'll find an art exhibition by the LASALLE College of the Arts. I don't know anything at all about art apart from the fact that these acrylic candy wrappers made me hungry.

While walking back to the car, we found a wall painted with these kitty cats. A fun end to a beautiful weekend. 

Singapore House
Proceeds from sales go to Langkawi animal shelter LASSIE.
Date: 8 June-7 July 2013
Opens: Thursday-Sunday, 12pm-9pm
Location: 179 Victoria Street, George Town, Penang, Malaysia - three doors away from China House

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