Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Getting Ready for Chinese New Year

A sneak peek into our Chinese New Year preparations.

We made mini treat boxes for Bub's teachers at school. It wasn't anything fancy, just filled with teeny tiny mandarins (they are so cute; I can't stop snacking on them) and chocolate treats. My pint sized volunteer was more interested in trying to sample the wares then do any actual packing. I dissuaded him by telling him that those were "spicy biscuits" ... which didn't quite work out well when the next day, he happily distributed the treat boxes to the teachers telling them they were "oranges and spicy biscuits". Let's hope the teacher didn't think I was trying to poison them!

Bubs scribbled Happy Chinese New Year on the side of the boxes before getting bored and drew dragons on them. For those that were asking, the treat boxes are a free pdf download from this cool blog.

Cutting out fish shaped cheese crackers using this fool proof recipe.

Channeled my inner Martha Stewart by making tissue paper flowers. Bubs had fun helping me pick dried tree branches. "Jump higher, Mummy!".

Ta-daaaa! I'm especially proud of Bub's glass jar, fire cracker and fingerprint painting that he made at school.

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