Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Five Things

Is everyone getting excited about the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays? I can't wait for a nice break again filled with cookies (bye bye waist line), red packets and loved ones. Here are a couple of things that made me smile during this week.

Mon cher Mariene came out to Penang and it's always such a special treat to see her. We caught up by doing what we do best: shopping and eating :D It was her first time at Gurney Paragon and she couldn't stop exclaiming at the shopping choices we now have in Penang.

Mariene is such an enabler! I usually come out of H&M empty handed because I get dizzy among the rows of clothes. This time with her, I found this blush coloured  sleeveless top with blooms stitched at the neckline. I was also auntie-fied enough to be secretly happy when I got these humongous H&M red packets wrappers. Seriously, these things are LARGE. I plan on filling one with a RM1 note and giving it to Baby Bro this year.

Look at the cool Harrods apron she gifted. I didn't even know that now ships to Malaysia. Bubs brightened up my day with this little gem.

Me: See you later, alligator
Bubs: Have a lovely day!

I stole borrowed this Ikea rug from my parents' place. Pretty soon they'll have to keep everything bolted to the ground to avoid my sticky fingers. I know earlier I've mentioned that I didn't want to put in rugs into Bub's bedroom but this was too cheery to resist, plus he was driving his matchbox cars on it for more than an hour. Score!

This cheese cracker recipe is too simple to pass up and the best part is that you can customise these to suit your taste buds by adding in spices like dried rosemary, garlic or onion powder, etc. I skipped the salt as I usually find cheddar to be salty enough. As these were meant to be shared with Bubs, I omitted the chilli flakes during the dough mixing and only sprinkled some on top of my portion only.

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