Thursday, December 15, 2016

Little Things in Life

We'd been kept incredibly busy the past few weeks with work, kindy and getting prepared for the new year ahead. These are a handful of stuff that kept us relatively sane. 

Bubs is really lucky to have cousins slightly older than him and generous in giving hand-me-downs in tip top condition. This dragon hoodie tee is one of his favourites.

I am in awe that Bubs made this (with the teacher's guidance): a strip of colourful fabric woven by himself on a mini loom, nestled in a paper origami box.

And this cute pirate treasure map he made one day at home when he was bored.

We got books and bookmarks for his kindy mates as a farewell present.

Plus this made me all teary-eyed: primary school uniform shopping! I can't believe that my baby is no longer tiny and will be stepping foot into Standard 1 next year. We've been busy stocking up on stationeries, lunch boxes and everything school related.

I've been consoling myself with these yummy bites that are so addictive, they carry a warning. The salted egg texture with bits of crispy curry leaves go perfectly with the potato/fish skin slices. These are crazily priced though (SGD16 per pack) and with the weak exchange rate at the moment, it's more of an indulgence than a routine stress reliever.

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