Wednesday, December 7, 2016

All Prepared for Xmas

Bubs has been busy in a whirlwind of frenzied Xmas preparations. At school, he's hard at work rehearsing for their upcoming annual Xmas Festival. Bub's incredibly proud that he's performing but also sad that it's his last year at kindy, Hubs is warning both of us not to shed tears this time around!

Bubs is also hanging out a lot with his older cousin whom Bubs hero worships. Whenever I'm busy with work, Bubs hangs out with him and there's nothing the two of them like better than to be glued to electronic devices.

To stop his little Bubs brains from turning to mush, we've kickstarted Xmas card making. We did a fairly simple one this time around.

Bubs used blue watercolour paints on on thick art paper. He also sprinkled salt on for a speckled effect and left them out to dry before writing his Xmas messages inside.

He then glued felt shapes and glittery stars on them.

All ready for family and friends this year!

Bubs is also looking forward to the first of many play dates with his little chums before December comes to an end.

And also collecting treasure from his Lego Star Wars advent which was a Xmas present from his cousins :)

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