Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Boosting the Retail Economy

I'd told myself after my earlier spree that I needed to Cut Back and just Quit Shopping.

Famous last words ;)

My Singaporean friend Stacey was such an enabler and it was just so hard to say no to her ... plus someone's gotta stimulate the retail economy since it's such a tough job *sigh*

I lost my last Fresh sugar lip treatment and as it has become a beauty essential, I needed a new one. Xmas is the best time of the year to get beauty products because of all the gift sets. I was thrilled to see a mini trio of sugar lip treatments all in shades that I'd never tried before at Sephora.

It's been a while since I stepped into Padini as I always thought they stocked just work wear but after seeing Stacey getting this very Massimo Dutti-sih navy top, I couldn't resist. The quality is phenomenal, it is thick fabric and has a caramel lining inside with zipper details at both ends of the 3/4 sleeves and the back of the top. It is slightly cropped so I need to to make sure I'm not exposing a muffin top when wearing this with low rise jeans.

We had an invitation for a Bollywood themed wedding so in addition to a saree, I thought these skinny gold H&M bangles would be perfect. This is just one set and I found it was enough to be used on both hands. I can see myself wearing these on weekends too, maybe not the whole stack at one go though.

Arm candy is always tricky for me. I've always liked it on other people but I've never had much luck at replicating the look myself until I saw Stacey picking them out at Padini. Mixing metals is something that divides the masses. I'm a Joiner in this case :D

This pair of Opera ankle strap open toed heels shall be officially my last shoe purchase for 2013. They kind of remind me of the Zara ones and they also come in my favourite shade of mint green but Stacey kept persuading me to go with these all black ones instead. I've been eschewing heels for a while since Bubs goes through a clingy phase where he insists on being carried but I couldn't say no to these. Plus every purchase of RM50 at Opera gives you a RM5 voucher which you can use on top of member cards for a 10% discount. Stacey, it's all your fault :p


  1. Awesome purchases. I love the Padini top.

    Happy New Year!

    SSG xxx

    1. I feel so hot wearing it ... literally, lol. It's fully lined inside so air conditioning is a prerequisite for wearing it!


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