Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Shopping the Year End Sales

I was priding myself on how good I was lately to avoid the shops. Until I thought how bad would it be to just step inside a shop or two to have a peek. After all, the sales assistants would be lonely if no one went in ... right?

Ooooh look here - the SALE signs hanging all over a couple of my favourite haunts. *deep breaths* be cool. I'll just have a little look inside then go out of the shop. Hmmm ... maybe it wouldn't hurt to just try on something on sale just for fun now, would it? Okay, I think I sort of went overboard here a little. On the bright side, at least I've my Chinese New Year clothes sorted out ;)


I hardly shop at Warehouse because most of their clothing are way out of my budget even though I'm a huge fan of their classic cuts and beautiful prints. I was elated to find this striped bodycon frock at the 50% off rack. I think the round necklace, tiny cap sleeves and knee-length make it conservative enough to wear to the office and the long, gold exposed zipper at the back adds a little Victoria Beckham touch to it.

Hubs and I do not see eye to eye over my fetish for vintage-y, floral prints. He described this pencil skirt as something that wouldn't be amiss on an old granny's sarong :( I still thought it was a good buy at the MNG sale and can't wait to wear this with a white tee and a glam necklace.

In my defense for this splurge at Dorothy Perkins, they were having a 15% off for any 2 items purchased and I also had a RM25 voucher so I happily waltzed out of the store with these. I got an black and white fan print top that had cheery spots of orange on it and a striped top that had some faux leather detailing. I plan to wear these with coloured denim for a fuss free days. Here's a guilty confession: see that inky frock in bonded lace? I have the same frock in navy and white and adore the tulip skirt so much, that I couldn't resist getting another one this year in a darker shade so it'd be more versatile.

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