Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Staying at Home

Now school holidays have started, I've been cooking up some stay/play-at-home activities in an effort to minimise screen time for Bubs and keep us all sane.

Remember this old gem? Potato stamping was what every school kid in the 80s did. Hubs carved the potato halves and Bubs picked his own colours.

In case you can't tell what these are: Hubs etched out a scary face and a turtle - long story. This kept him (Bubs, not Hubs) occupied for a while.

Bubs is also obsessed with play dough. Though I've tried making my own play dough, the texture is flaky and leaves little bits of crumbs all over the place which annoys Hubs to no end so Hubs doesn't mind shelling out dough (pun intended) for commercial play dough. I do get very anal about mixing colours so I usually let Bubs play with just 1 colour at a time until the whole jar just dries out.

Inspired by this blog post, we're also learning numbers by using play dough. I sketched out a tree and Bubs picked a number. He then rolled play dough into mini apples to go onto the tree and carefully counted the number of apples required.

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