Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Xmas!

We're sticking to our tradition of getting additional ornaments each year for the tree with a heavy emphasis on affordable and non-breakable ones.This year, Fairy Godma got us some really good Ikea finds in the forms of fabric birds and bright red mushrooms. I know, everyone has been giving me grief about why am I hanging mushrooms on a Christmas tree but don't you think the spots of red make the tree look extra cheerful and festive? I also found red and gold glitter ribbon at Daiso and Hubs was roped in (pun intended) to garland the tree with that.

The pine cones were either pilfered borrowed from our neighbour's pine tree or from my parent's previous house's tree. It's funny when I was growing up in the old house, I never gave a second glance to the old pine tree growing outside but now that they've sold the place, I've been back to pick up the forlorn looking pine cones on the ground.

When Hubs and I first got together, he wanted to get me a Christmas present but I told him since neither of us celebrates Christmas, it's a meaningless sign of mass commercialism for us. I guess I've to eat my words now :) As Bubs is bigger, all that I want is to see the sense of joy and wonder on his face so this year, we relented and got him a present.

Come Christmas morning, Bubs gobbled down his breakfast cereal before hurriedly asking if he could open his presents. There were a few from family and friends and he felt each one, shook it a few times before ripping the wrapping off. Even cynical ol' me couldn't help but smile at how delighted he was. Merry Christmas to all and to all, a good night :) 

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