Sunday, December 22, 2013

Play at Home Activities Part 2

Remember when I mentioned that Hubs abhors bugs of any kind so he really frowns upon Bubs playing with messy stuff at home? I've finally found a sensorial activity that gets Hub's approval.

Tadaaaa - coloured salt. Cheap as ... well, salt and Hubs reasoned that since no insect in their right mind would feast on salt, it's a safe activity to play indoors.

It was so easy to make, I poured a pack of salt in a jar, asked Bubs to pick a colour, squeezed a few drops of food colouring into the salt. I scrunched the salt around with my hand to spread the colour evenly and wait for it to dry uncovered in a large tray. The more drops of colouring you use, the more vivid the colour of the salt will be and takes slightly longer to dry.

Bubs went crazy over this sensorial activity. We traced out letters with our fingers in the salt which was a good pre-writing exercise. I even found it soothing myself to just let my hands sift through the coloured salt.

I gave Bubs some seashells, matchbox cars and he had so much fun vroom-ing the cars over mini sand dunes. By adding some plastic cutlery and cupcake liners, he sat there intensely scooping the salt into cupcakes, carefully placing them into a muffin pan and pouring the salt over the buried cars repeatedly.

Imagination Tree has so many fantastic and easy ideas so I borrowed this straw blown painting activity.

All you need are diluted paints (can I wax lyrical about my love for Crayola again?) and a straw. I usually buy the cheapest drawing blocks I can find though I wished I'd purchased some thicker ones for this art activity. The watery paint was a bit too heavy for the paper and I'd to remind Bubs to be gentle as not to tear holes into it.

Bubs found it to be such a novel experience using his breath paint, instead of a paintbrush. Take a deep breath ... then pufffffffff! He experimented with short huffs and looooong, hard blows. There were dots of paint, splashes, streaks and beautiful trickles all over the paper.

Fairy Godma gave Bubs his very own Elmo CD player and my heart swells a little each time I see him run to get it out, pop a CD inside it and sit there listening contently to the music while nodding his head.

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