Saturday, December 14, 2013

Xmas Festival

Bub's school had a small Xmas party on the last day of school and parents were encouraged to bring a potluck dish each. No prizes for guessing who made gingerbread men ;) Though to make it more palatable to children, I used less molasses and followed the sugar amount in the recipe (I usually cut down on the sugar when baking for Bubs). I also added a small variety of shapes with a heart and star cookie cutter.

The teachers were so sweet, they had a hand sewn star baby felt ornament with personalised names on each one for all the children.

All the children were then invited to hang their stars on a tree in the garden. It was so simple yet so pretty. I loved the colourful effect!

There was some story telling, caroling and the older children did a dance around the tree, followed by snack time. One of the parents made a super cute Santa out of strawberries, banana slices and some chocolate sauce. This was a hit and quickly disappeared.

It was nice to chat with the teachers and I was pleasantly surprised when they mentioned that he is polite and easy going at school. I think they have yet to experience a full blown Bubs tantrum, lol. 

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