Friday, December 13, 2013

DIY Ornaments

I've been wanting to make salt dough ornaments with Bubs to hang on the tree but the various recipes that we've tried turned out very crumbly and living in a tropical country means that we're very paranoid of attracting all kinds of bugs to dried up dough. A friend came to the rescue by giving us some Daiso white clay.

It was a bit dry and crumbly so I sprinkled a bit of water, rolled it out and used Bub's play dough cutters to cut a couple of hearts and a gingerbread man, used a straw to carefully poke a hole at the top. I then left it out to dry overnight.

When it was dry, Bubs went to work right away with his paints and brush carefully by staying within the lines. I was a little taken aback at how neatly he completed his task without making too much of a mess.

We used glitter glue again to jazz up the ornaments. I think I've a fetish for glitter glue now ;) Hubs drew the features on the gingerbread man. We then threaded a red ribbon (recycled from Bub's birthday cake) through the hole and Bubs happily hung it on the tree.

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