Saturday, July 12, 2014

Nathan's Birthday Party

It was Nathan's birthday party and Bubs was thrilled to be invited. Food, fun, an awesome cake ... the stuff that lil kids' dreams are made of ;) The moment we stepped into the garden, my jaw dropped - a bouncy castle plus a fun sand art corner? The stuff my dreams are made of! Kelly pointed out a blog reader to me but I was frozen with shyness and didn't go over to say hi :( In case you're reading this - I'm sorry and thank you so much for reading the blog!

Bubs started out at the sand art stand. He chose a picture of a tank *rolls eyes* (how very Bubs) and I helped him peel off the stickers. I asked him what colours he wanted each panel to be and we walked around the stands to pick the colours.

He really enjoyed deliberating over the choices of colours, sprinkling them onto the picture and then carefully shaking the excess sand off.


After he saw more children having fun on the bouncy castle, he plucked up his courage to join them. He ran, he screamed, he bounced up and down the slide.

Looks like an innocent, inflatable arch, no? Until some kid walks past it, then all of them would gang up together to jump onto the arch to squash the poor, unsuspecting victim, LOL. 

They were all enthralled with Nathan's very colourful cake and so excited, they sang Happy Birthday in 3 different languages, definitely a talented bunch :D After all the food and exercise he got that evening, Bubs fell asleep right on the dot at bedtime. Win-win for all!

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