Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bub's Works of Art

I've been trying to do book themed activities with Bubs. For a quick bedtime story/quick activity, I read out Harold and the Purple Crayon, which was one of our favourite books, while I provided him with a sheet of blank paper and a purple crayon. I read out the story slowly while encouraging him to sketch along as well. He was so excited about drawing out his favourite scenes: this one is of the dragon guarding the apple tree and Harold's sailboat.

On days where Bubs doesn't attend kindy, I pack a mini activity kit for him to bring over to his Por Por's  (grandmother) and when he comes home, he proudly shows me what he has done. The way he completed this maze made my jaw drop. I was debating with Hubs that Bubs should have drawn the line inside the maze while Hubs pointed out (I hate it when he's right) that the instructions did not specifically mention that you couldn't go out of the maze. It comes to a point where I've to finally admit - my kid is a lot smarter than me, LOL.

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