Thursday, July 17, 2014

Family Day

Bub's kindy had a family day at the Adventure Zone and it was our first time there. It's in between Rasa Sayang and Golden Sands hotels and in a building of its own outside. The hotel staff were so friendly, it was pouring cats and dogs and a very nice guy carried an umbrella to escort Bubs and me over.

Ok, I totally freaked out when I saw how massive it was inside and the scale of the slides inside. I learned 2 things today: kids are naturally fearless and my love for Bubs has no bounds - the kid just raced around and being paranoid me, envisioning broken limbs - I zipped behind him shrieking "waiiiiit for meeeee!" even though I was petrified and breathless.

I kid you not - look at how steep this slope was. Bubs agilely climbed down  in a whiz while when I fell down on my butt. The cheeky monkey waved bye to me before clambering up the other side, leaving me to scurry around for a handhold to climb up!

Bubs is so much more of a daredevil than me. He eagerly tugged Hubs, who was more game than me, to accompany him on the giant slides. There are attendants at the top to keep an eye on the people whooshing down and when I saw Bubs enjoying himself, I pestered him to join me for a ride down. Hubs laughed at the contrast on our faces - Bub's face was filled with exhilaration while I had an eeek look plastered on mine the whole time I was in there.

There is a smaller and "tamer" area for toddlers with baby slides, smaller enclosed spaces and the cutest ball pit that had jets of air for the balls to float on. At the side of the area is a play kitchen complete with plastic food.

 I've to say - the place is very cleverly designed and despite my fears, every single inch of the surface is padded to break any falls. There were rope walks, crawling through tight spaces, slides of all kinds of heights. After what seemed to me to be a long while, I eventually loosened up and - dare I even say this - had fun myself? ;) Definitely more satisfying than a gym workout and my creaky old body ached the next day!

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