Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Caught Red Handed

I've been reallllllly S L O W with posts because I'm taking a short business course and the assignments, geez, it's been a long time since I've last used Microsoft Word. The last time I typed out a 2,500 word essay was ...
  • Facebook wasn't even invented yet - I feel ancient admitting this
  • No Youtube - there weren't even built in webcams on laptops
  • There were far too few fashion/lifestyle blogs - less reason to procrastinate
  • I could burn the midnight oil, sleep through morning and then groggily wake up, turn on extra loud music before working on assignments again - these days, I've Bubs jumping on the bed "Wake up Sleepyhead Mummy! Rise and shine!"
  • Housework was only done when we ran out of cutlery and clean plates - probably the only unchanged thing here ;) 
Hubs took pity on me and offered to keep Bubs occupied for a couple of hours so I could focus on the assignment. After a few minutes, Hubs sneakily poked his head around the door, glanced at my screen and shouted "Heyyy, you're not working, you're on Facebook again!"

Opppps :)

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