Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mixed Medium

We have a bunch of stubby lil crayons that were getting too short for Bubs to use comfortably so I was very inspired with this post to make full use of them.

You'll need:
Cereal box
Aluminum foil
Crayon stubs
Oven - a toaster oven would work fine too if your canvas is trimmed smaller to fit in

Cut out one panel of the cereal box and wrap it with foil. Bubs started painting on the shiny surface and was enthralled with it as it was so different from plain ol' white paper.

My little artist hard at work :) I bought a pot of white paint so he found out that mixing white into colours makes them lighter, so we ended up with pastel colours on his foil canvas.

Ready to start grating them crayons!

Hubs refused to let me use the cheese grater for fear I'd end up poisoning the whole household ;) So I used Bub's play dough plastic palette knife to painstakingly chop them up into tiny chunks.

Bubs then sprinkled them all over his work of art, taking care not to get them too close to the sides.

Bubs surveying the finished results with satisfaction before I pop it into the oven. I turned the oven on the lowest temperature setting and set it for about 5 mins.

Ta - daaa :)


  1. Wow this looks like fun. Very artistic. Gotta try this with Sairah -she's into artsy stuff!

    1. Plus it looks WOW when framed up in a cheap Ikea frame :) Win win solution


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