Sunday, June 29, 2014

Week in Peek-tures

Roundup of the week in peek-tures :)

It was Dad's 72nd birthday, yay! We had a big bash at a restaurant so he was completely chuffed at being surrounded with family and friends. Bubs loved Dad's birthday cake - owl shaped fondant cupcakes and couldn't stop nom-ing on them.

We went for Hub's favourite duck noodles in town and passed by this lemon yellow wall complete with a Reggie Lee steel artwork of how Rope Walk got its name.

Late to the game but we just discovered Osmanthus's Hong Kong Desserts Ramen Congee House at New Lane, just opposite the Sunway Hotel. It serves old school desserts like tang yuen, peanut cream and expanded its menu to include light meals like congee. A bit on the pricey side but the place is clean and parking is convenient. My 2 sillies are taking photos of the jelly with their invisible cameras ;) And Bub's Eiffel Tower car key is next to him.

Bedtime stories with Bubs is the best part for me to unwind, especially after a particularly grueling day. At times like this, wish that he'd stay small forever just so we can continue this routine. Catherine Rayner's Augustus and His Smile was a really good RM10 find at the Big Bad Wolf sale and I love the gorgeous illustrations with its bold ink work, vivid colours and a timeless tale about happiness.

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