Monday, June 16, 2014


My father-in-law's funeral was on Father's Day.

As we lined up in front of the coffin to pay our last respects to him, there were tears in our eyes over how cruel sometimes Fate can be. I felt especially guilty that he happily called us while we were in KL to say that he bought durians for his beloved Bubs - before we could go collect them, Bub's Gong Gong passed away from a sudden heart attack.

Bubs doesn't understand much about what happened, he knows that "Gong Gong died, he's in heaven with God". It seems ironic that Bub's Gong Gong was the one that taught him how to say "see you tomorrow!" when he was learning how to talk and now, Bubs won't be able to say it to him.

I told Bubs a bedtime story.

Once upon a time, there was a Gong Gong and a little boy. The Gong Gong loved his grandson very much and would often buy him treats. Everyday, the little boy would say "see you tomorrow!" and the Gong Gong will prepare his favourite buns and fruits for him the next day. 

One day, the Gong Gong's heart stopped working, simply because he cared and loved too much all his life and his heart had was too full. The little boy was devastated because he couldn't see and play with his Gong Gong again. When he was sobbing with his head on the pillow that night, he heard a voice, telling him to go look out the window. When the little boy drew open the curtains, he saw stars lighting up the dark, velvet sky and among them, was one that twinkled especially bright for him. 

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