Monday, June 2, 2014

Salt, Ice and Art

Following on the success of our salt, ice and string activity, we added an element of art to it.

You'll need:
A dropper
A block of ice (I froze mine in a bowl overnight)
Water colours (I used diluted food colouring)
Tray (optional, to contain the mess)

We started out with our supplies gathered. Bubs then sprinkled some salt over the ice block.

Sprinkling more to melt the ice.

When there are enough cracks in the ice, he experimented with using an eye dropped to drip colours over them.

The effect was surprisingly pretty and reminded me of tiny rivulets trickling down.

I made him stop for a while to take a photo of this "ice crater". We talked about arctic animals, how we imagined they'd live in the cold.

He ended this little arty experiment by dumping all of the colours on top on the ice and revelled in splashing the icy water around. Thank goodness for the tray ;)

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