Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mid Autumn Dreams

Did everyone had a pleasant Mid Autumn festival? Hubs went crazy and bought heaps of discounted moon cakes during the clearance sales. Meh.

Too bad he didn't get a chance to savour them during the Mid Autumn festival because this was what happened to him.

Poor guy :(

No, he didn't sprain his wrist but he ended up with a really bad throat infection and the doctor administered some kind of antibiotics via injections. He needed a daily injection for a couple of days so the doctor recommended to just leave the syringe tube-thingy in his hand and then bandaged it up. I accused Hubs of doing this to escape housework.

I got the my-wife-is-psychotic look.

So it fell to me to keep Bubs clothed, well fed and clean for the weekend.

I made lots of this for Bubs: thick, creamy Greek yoghurt with Gula Melaka and jackfruit.

He played with his Castle of Doom and devised strategies for his "castle men" (plastic knights) to get eaten up by the plastic monsters.

Bubs thoroughly enjoyed zipping around on his gigantic toy car that was a birthday present from Great Grandma and Aunt Ching. I've to admit that that thing is the bee's knees, I tried sitting on it myself and even got Bubs to sit at the back and it was easy to maneuver around, you could even reverse on it. Now if only I could reverse park that well ;)

I devised lots of activities to keep him entertained. We played with marbles and congkak, sketched on paper, played with magnets and masak masak with his picnic basket. When all failed, yeesh, that kid has the attention span of a gnat, I resorted to YouTube. Thank you Pocoyo for 20 min long episodes! It was the only time I managed to get any kind of house work done.

Me dressed like a macaron in pink and purple and my favourite lil guy who practically lives in his Elmo tee.

How pretty are the giant colourful lanterns at Queensbay? There were quite a number of people snapping photos of this and as always, I'm a Joiner :)

Ending this post with yet another moon cake photo. This was made by my mum-in-law who is the old school type that hand makes all kinds of traditional goodies like rice dumplings and moon cakes from scratch.

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