Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Happy Moon Cake Festival

Is everyone happily nomming on mooncakes and enjoying the beautiful paper lanterns everywhere?

Bubs took his pet dragon out for a walk.

He was soooo fascinated by the candle and spent quite a good while trying to blow it out thinking that it's a birthday candle which is why his cheeks and mouth resemble a mini puffer fish here.

We met some other kids playing with their lanterns. The girls carried fish and rooster lanterns (the exact same ones my parents got for me when I was small) and an older boy carrying another dragon lantern. Bubs was a little shy but kept creeping closer to them to peer at their lanterns. Some other kids lighted small lanterns and hung them on a tree. A big kid stuck a candle onto a leaf and floated it in the middle of the pond.

Bubs had the time of his life with this moon (and candle) lit walk - don't you just love how easily satisfied children can be with the simplest things in life? :)


  1. My fav part of the Mid Autumn Festival is playing with lanterns; walking around the neighbourhood with other kids.

    1. It was so much fun, haha, goes to show kids can be so easily satisfied with so little :D


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