Friday, September 20, 2013

Jaz's 1st Birthday Bash

Remember the cake smash photos of Jaz? Her actual birthday was just last weekend and Siew put on a bash for all of us.

Her crafty sister did most of the decorations.

And demonstrated her talent in balloon modelling! Seriously, her sis is a whiz at all this party planning stuff.

She made a balloon poodle for Bubs, who promptly fell in love with her, and held on tight to his precious pet balloon the whole evening. Until he made the mistake of leaving it on the sofa and I sat on it with a huge POP. Opppps ... sorry *blushes*

Siew and her sis also made a bunch of photo props which were put to good use by us and our very willing model :D

Can you believe that on top of making all of the party props, Siew, her mum and her sis actually cooked the food from scratch? I made or may not have had more than 3 helpings of the achar, it was THAT fabulous.

Jaz's real birthday cake - no cake smash with this one!

Since her birthday is pretty close to the Mid Autumn Festival, all of the children were requested to bring along their lanterns to play. Bubs was the only one there with a traditional lantern (okay, it's my fault for liking the old fashioned ones) which he abandoned to sit and play with the new fangled lanterns that had colourful LED lights, music and spinning thingamajigs.

I gave up lighting his lantern after a scorched thumb and begged Siew's sister to help me do it. Bubs had so much fun waving his "dwagon roarrrrrr lantern", marching up and down.

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