Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy Birthday, Bubs!

Someone just turned 3 this weekend and is very proud of being a "big boy now" :) He got not just one, but two celebrations which meant that he got two birthday cakes for himself, hah!

We had  lunch with Hub's family at Sukhothai, one of our favourite Thai food restaurants. Bubs was so excited about his cake that he didn't had much lunch. Smart kid, I wouldn't want to fill my tummy with that much food either if I knew that yummy cake would be coming up, of course I didn't say that to him. I managed to hid some veggies in his rice without his noticing though ;)

Given that Bubs adores mangoes, we had a mango charlotte from Mon Delice, topped with succulent mango cubes. I didn't realise that the birthday candles were the other way round until I saw the photos, LOL. And in case you were wondering, Bubs isn't making a wish, he's using his makeshift "camwra" with two fists cupped around his eye. 

Awww ... he looks so grown up already. It seems like just yesterday where he was still wearing onesies and I could easily lift him up with an arm.

Off to dinner at Healy Macs where they serve the best German pork knuckles and sauerkraut. Honestly, I could eat platefuls of this stuff and the best bit of the sauerkraut are the tiny whole black peppers sprinkled on top.The pizzas are really decent too. We always end up with lots of leftovers which we happily bring back for dinner the next day.

Bubs was beside himself with joy over the fact that he got two cakes within the sane day. The Mon Delice croquembouche was a crowd pleaser and this time, I requested it to be chocolate cream filled. This was definitely a chocoholic's dream come true.

Hehe, I earlier sent my Baby Brother a picture of Bubs playing with his cleverly constructed "drum set". His drumsticks are an empty napkin roll and a water bottle and he bashing everything together. He does this song (I think that's from Mickey Mouse Club House) where he goes "Jungle Pete, Jungle Pete ... ready steady Jungle Peteeeeeee"cute: more bashing on the tins drums.

Baby Bro must have either took pity on Bubs or really, reallllllly hate me enough to have gotten this birthday present for him:

Ta-daaa ... literally insert a *drum roll* here

A toy drum set: complete with bass and cymbals! Thank you, Baby Brother, we now have sweet music to wake up to very morning ... in addition to Bubs using my head as a drum with the two miniature drumsticks. Who needs a morning alarm? ;)

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