Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hearts and then Some More

At the Thomas Sabo store, I couldn't resist this delectable turquoise bead bracelet and I loved how the bright red heart charm looked on it so I gently persuade *ahem* Hubs into getting this for me as an early fifth wedding anniversary present. Gosh, has it actually been that long since we tied the knot?

Arm candy - layering it with a SSG styled fearl (faux pearl) and silver charm bracelet.

Attention all quirky shoe lovers: Jelly Bunny has just opened its first store in Penang at Queensbay. Siew and I were there during the first day and they had cupcakes and balloons for everyday. The store was incredibly packed, mainly because they're having a buy 2 free 1 (the free pair is from a selected range) until this weekend. Jelly Bunny is a Thai shoe outlet that offers solely (pun intended) well, jelly shoes, of course. They come in all shapes and colours, from high heels and wedges to ballet flats. The store itself smells very bubblegum-y and everything in it is just too cutesy and girly for words.

Siew and I went in with just an intention to browse but when we flipped over the shoe to look at the price tag, our jaws dropped - it is very competitively priced, starting from RM29 for flats and the shoes were very comfy.

We both ended up with the same pair of jelly ballet flats (RM38): mine in mint and hers in cream. I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of these!

Has everyone been eating their body weight in moon cakes? I've been so used to seeing moon cakes wrapped up in individual plastic boxes that when Hubs took me to this little store at Carnarvon Street, I found it so quaint that the moon cakes were all handmade and displayed without much fanfare or packaging on simple metal trays. They'd so many different types and shapes, I think the round ones are Teochew moon cakes? All of the signs were written in Chinese so I'd a hard time figuring which was which.

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