Saturday, July 14, 2012

What We Do at the Beach

Hubs, Bubs and I had the most glorious time at Parkroyal. We fell asleep in bed, lulled by the soothing roar of the ocean. 

We woke up to this beautiful sight in the morning. Everything was fresh and washed clean by the storm during the night.

We had a yummy breakfast buffet and I wore a dress so I could eat til my heart's content and not having to worry about my jeans being too tight. Bubs ate his body weight in pancakes with maple syrup and baked beans for brekkie.

The Water Babies were in the swimming pool at every opportunity they could grab. We were incredibly lucky that the past few weeks of nasty weather and haze cleared up *fingers crossed*

And when they weren't at the pool, this was where they were at. Sand, sun and surf ... what more could a toddler ask for? ;)

They were very productive and had a kind of synergy together. Hubs would painstakingly gather water from the sea, wet the sand to build sandcastles ... and Bubs would bash them up with his little plastic spade in less than a few minutes.

Bubs discovered a liking for eating sand right off his palms. I was terrified that he'd get some kind of intestinal worm infection. He ignored my warnings to stop so instead of the Naughty Corner, Hubs dug him a Naughty Hole.

This time around, Bubs decided he was scared of the sea and would run away each time he saw a wave coming.


  1. Sounds like a fab trip. Taking Sairah to her first beach holiday next weekend, fingers crossed like your bubs she will love it too and not eat the sand, hehe.

    1. Remember to bring a spade & a bucket, they can spend forever there just digging and digging - if only we could transport all the sand back to our place so we can get some peace & quiet ;)


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