Monday, March 17, 2014

Ipoh Part I

We took a wee road trip back to Ipoh again - yes, we are very much obsessed with the cafes there. Bubs was rubbing his hands with glee at the thought of feeding the fish and tortoises there.

As we arrived too early for lunch, we headed to Indulgence for a light brunch. I've always liked how calm and tranquil the gardens there are when it's early.

Hubs originally wanted the ricotta hotcakes but was too starving to wait for 25 minutes so we settled on the interestingly titled Purr (RM33). The portion was a lot smaller than expected but at one bite, all 3 of us fell silent in awe. Bubs of course loved the fresh plum slices and fluffy sweet brioche. Hubs and I found the pairing of lamb bacon (imagine that!) with soft ricotta in addition to the crunchy deep fried mint leaves to be a creative genius's work of art.

We topped it off with a small chocolate cheese tart that had the right balance of sweetness and richness.

Off to a quick visit at Sam Poh Tong to burn off some calories and so Bubs can stretch his legs running around there.

A must do for Bubs - feeding the fish at the temple grounds. This time around, we were smarter to find a sheltered spot to stand away from the burning rays of the sun. Plus as there were less people there feeding, tiny schools of fish flocked eagerly to gulp at the food. Hubs probably had more fun than Bubs as he was trying to skim the dried bread pieces across the water.

This time around and probably due to the extreme hot weather, the tortoise pen wasn't that well maintained. Bundles of kangkung clogged up the pond and the tortoises didn't look interested with the abundance of vegetables lying around. We did spot a pack of wild monkeys that had made the long trek down the limestone caves to scavenge for food. I was attracted to the mama monkeys carrying their young around securely and the baby monkeys had such wizened but innocent looks.

After that, onward to the main reason why we made this Ipoh road trip ...

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