Saturday, March 15, 2014

They Grow Up So Quickly

Every now and then when Bubs is fast asleep at night, I take a long, wistful look at him, I kiss his slimmed down cheeks, all traces of baby fat long gone, rub my hand against his boyish shear cut at the back of his head and inhale in the soft, clean scent of him ... and I wonder, how did time go by so fast? I feel like we're zipping so fast along in life so fast that from a chubby baby that cried each time he was hungry, he has turned into a lean little boy with steadfast opinions.

Sometimes I tell him, "Bubs, stop growing up so fast. I just want to freeze time so you can be my little baby forever" and he'd squirm away from my embrace and angrily retort "But I WANT to grow up fast!"

He now likes to press himself against us and say "Look, I'm nearly as big as you" or if we're sitting down, he compares our leg lengths and again point out that he's catching up with us.

This week's Zits comic strip was both thought provoking and being a sappy mummy, I literally teared up at it. All of our favourite books were listed and yes, Harold and the Purple Crayon is an all time repeated read during bedtime. I can only hope that when Bubs grow up, like Jeremy Duncan, he'd have warm, fuzzy memories of his childhood.

Signing this note off with a photo of Bubs playing with both Nats that pulls yet again at my heartstrings. He looks so earnest, focused like a big little boy but his Superman outfit still shouts out that he'll always be my baby.

And because every superhero needs his mummy to hold his hand :) Love you always, Bubs.

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