Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Weekends

Don't you just love long, lazy weekends where the weather is so crisp and clear, it makes you want to eat lots of seasonal fruits, ice cream and hang out with a play buddy?

Our fridge is filled with fruits and we've been having them as snacks. The sugar apricots at Jusco were sooo sweet but bizarrely, Bubs, who takes to any kind of fruit, dislikes them. He loves his apochee (Bubs talk for strawberry) though. 

Couldn't resist some ice cream when we walked past the kiosk. Loved the double chocolate and dark chocolate gelato but thought the Nutella was too sweet. It was a bit of a mistake to let Bubs have some ice cream past 9pm, he went hyper with all the sugar and didn't go to bed til close to midnight that night :(

Chun was back from Sydney and his sister's son, Jon, is a year older than Bubs so we headed to her condo for some play time.

The view of the sea and the breeze were amazing. Jon has a huge toy collection so we pretty much left them to their own devices. Jon was so sunny and helpful, he kept walking around to share his toys with us while Bubs was shy.

After an hour, Jon and Bubs were getting antsy so we went down to the playground where they both ran around, exploring and playing. Nothing like a playground, fresh air and wide open spaces to get kids to break the ice ;)

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