Sunday, July 15, 2012

Japanese Inventions and Little Bits of Happiness

Call me domesticated (or auntie as my Baby Brother likes to put it) if you like but there's something fascinating about walking past racks of Japanese household items. The Japanese have invented solutions for every domestic conundrum possible. Hubs kept pulling out boxes, going "can you believe they came up with this?"

Take this for example. What do you do if you run out of space in your shoe closet? Buy additional stackers so you can now stack your shoes one on top of the other.

Is it a poncho? Is it a towel? Whatever it is, you'll never have wet hair hanging around your shoulders again.

Microfibre pads for you to wear on your hands and dry your pets after a bath. I was wondering who'd actually buy these until I spotted a pair at my Dad's house.

And just when you think there's nothing else a household needs, think again! Microfibre cloth sandals for you to wear and walk around the house so it cleans the floor at the same time. I was sorely tempted to get these and tie them around Bubs feet but Hubs said NO :(

How cute are these baby full moon cupcakes that my colleague brought to work? I couldn't resist the fondant and nibbled at it bit by bit until I was horrified I'd actually finished the entire fondant on the cupcake. My teammates were staring at me with fascination as I was eating the fondant because they found it too sickly sweet.

We've been having quite a few dinners together with my family. Dad loves to tease Bubs to no end and says toddlers are the best age to play with.

Dad looked mystified at the "funny flower" in his Chinese tea and kept asking us to remove it from the cup even though we told him it adds to the taste. No idea if it does or not, we just found it amusing to get him drinking something so girly ;)

I love my colourful prints and can never seem to leave Dorothy Perkins empty handed. I walked in with resolve like steel but my knees went weak when I saw this blue paisley top and the ribbon tie back.

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