Friday, July 6, 2012

A Mid Week Dinner Date

Usually the first thing I want to do after work on week days is to head home and just chill. I realised that I was getting stuck in a rut and what we needed was a mid week dinner date! Even though technically Bub would be tagging along with us on our date but given that he's a pretty easy going companion and shows enthusiasm over everything ("Bus! *claps* "Stairs!" *more clapping*), it would still be a fun date ;)

The idea was for us to go to Mum-In-law's place, pick up Bubs and have dinner at a place where the food is toddler friendly and passes my neurotic health freak mummy standards.

It was pouring cats, dogs, wombats and other creatures by the time we left the office. The rain was so heavy with gusts of strong wind that our umbrella was useless. 

Which was probably the wrong day to wear a white cotton skirt with china blue print. When we were walking across the car park against the pelting rain, I took a look down at my skirt and holy cripes! The whole thing was not only just soaked through, it was transparent. I couldn't wait to get into the car.

As usual, whenever there is a storm in Penang, all the roads become congested and Hubs gets all grumpy. It took us a while before we got to O'Briens which has just opened opposite Queensbay. I love a good sandwich and was previously raving about O'Briens when we were in KL so I was ecstatic when they finally opened a branch here.

 The gourmet sandwiches aren't exactly cheap (around RM15 for a plate) but there are a myriad of fresh ingredients ranging from varieties of cheese, pesto, sun dried tomatoes and even ciabatta bread. I think the foodie in me was in gourmet heaven trying to narrow down a choice.

We had the swiss tuna melt, sun dried tomatoes ciabatta and a Peach Blush smoothie (RM12). In case you're wondering, those are Bubs's fingers as he grabbed the potato crisps and stuffed them into his mouth before I shouted a horrified nooooo. We ended up eating the rest of the crisps to stop him from pinching any more.

The sandwiches were really good and since we'd to share them with a picky toddler that decided he didn't like them at first, only to demand "more!" when they were all gone, we ordered more ;) I think the manager was surprised with our ginormous appetites when he asked us if we wanted to takeaway the additional sandwiches and we said no thanks.

The club sandwich and chicken cheddar shambo (the bread is supposed to be in the shape of an Irish shamrock) were delish though Bubs made sure his sandwich was lettuce free.

For their opening launch in Penang, a few of their popular sandwiches are priced at RM10 for a limited period of time. Hubs was shaking his head, astounded that we spent RM52 on just sandwiches but they were pretty yummy. Free wifi is available :)


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