Friday, July 6, 2012

The Ultraman Party

I was trying to explain what Ultraman is to an Australian and he was confused. I think I didn't do a good job because I totally didn't get the idea of Ultraman as a child - I was more into Jem, She-Ra and good ol' Barbie ;) My Baby Brother, on the other hand, was bonkers about Ultraman when he was growing up and would watch the tapes over and over again.

Nat, my friend Kelly's 3 year old, absolutely loves Ultraman and gets his dad to tells him Ultraman stories. For his birthday, his parents threw him an Ultraman themed party!

Every little boy's dream come true - Ultraman cupcakes AND goodie bags. Can I tell you how good the frosting on the cupcakes were? Not that I ate the entire frosting, which would be realllllly sugary and terrible for me, right? *shifty eyes*

Will you just take a look at how insanely cute the baby Ultraman cake is?

If you need further proof, look at all the kids were crowding around it, taking sneak peeks and trying to get as close as possible to it without the grownups warning them about smudging the cream frosting.

The big kids brought along their big toys to play with. Hi Hubs!

Balloons and little kids are always a win-win situation. The helium filled balloons kept getting stuck in the air vents and I was tired of having to jump to pull it down for Bubs so I just tied the string around his belt loop. He was so annoyed by it and kept trying to pull it off him but my knot was pretty tight so he went around everywhere with a balloon floating on top of him ;)

The birthday boy cutting his cake. All the kids were having so much fun with the balloons, each other and hyped up on sugar. Me thinks if you could harness all their energy, you would probably be able to power up a generator for a small town.

Happy Birthday Nathan! Thanks so much for having us and Bubs definitely had the time of his life there.


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