Friday, July 20, 2012


I recently found old black and white photographs at my parents' house and was so fascinated by them. There were the entire wedding album of my parents, photos that my Dad sent back home (he was studying in Melbourne back then), photos of my Mum and relatives back in the 60s. I asked my Dad heaps of questions!

This is my Dad at their old house during their wedding. My Grandma is on his right and my Great Grandma is on his left - aren't they wearing the most glamorous Nonya kebayas and sarongs with beaded slippers?

My parents at their wedding reception. Love all the details - back then they mainly used orchids as wedding flowers, Mum wore a lacey long sleeved dress (no strapess dresses!) and Dad in his suit, white shirt and skinny black tie.

I found candid photos of them during their courtship days - don't they look so young and happy?

When my Dad was studying abroad, he used to send back photos for Grandma. Everything about the photos fascinate me, including the fact that ball point pens weren't even invented and fountain pens were used to scribble at the back of the photos.

And check out this photo of Mum - doesn't she look totally rad with sky high platforms, bell bottoms and gigantic sunnies on a badass bike? She grew up on a rubber estate and bike ridding was a self taught skill. She only stopped after she fell off the bike because of her platforms!

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