Monday, July 9, 2012

Toddler Stuff

Dear Bubs,

   Everyday you astound me with how much you growing and learning. It seems like just in a blink of an eye (if you exclude all the crying, sleepless nights during infancy), you have changed so much from a squirmy little baby to a happy, curious and stubborn (don't believe Daddy whenever he says you inherited this from me) toddler.

   You're learning colours (kah-lar as you like to pronounce it). The cutest thing is that you know the colour but being a HUGE Sesame Street fan, you call the colour based on the name of the muppet. If you see something blue, you say Geh-gor (Grover), for red, you go Ah-mo (Elmo), yellow is Bird (Big Bird? Bert?), orange is Ernie and green is Ah-car (Oscar).

   You tend to be possessive over belongings and not a huge fan of sharing, it's something that we're working on trying to guide you and you get insanely jealous if you see me or Daddy carrying other people's babies.

  Your favourite toy of the moment is the Micro Kick scooter that Grandpa and Daddy got for you - best investment ever. You were initially scared of it because you fell off the toddler seat a few times, shouting "pom pom ahhhh (fell down)" but it took you a few months before you figured out how to coordinate your legs to push the scooter while seated.

  To encourage you to ride on it, we showed you clips of Elmo riding a bicycle and now each time you sit on the scooter, you call it your ah-gu-gal (bicycle). I guess we'll call it a scooter when you get taller and we can convert the seat to the T bar. You like to put the weirdest things under the seat of the scooter, eg: a spoon, Elmo and most recently a ball. You get extremely cross and throw a tantrum if the wheels get caught at corners and you don't know how to steer it out (again, you didn't learn impatience from me no matter what Daddy says).

  If you hurt yourself, you demand me to put krim ah (cream/lotion) on the spot that hurts. A placebo works just as well when I don't bring out any cream along with me, I've rubbed lip balm on before and it makes you happy. Sometimes I kiss the boo boo and you laugh. In fact now when Daddy or I hurt myself, you come over and kiss the injured spot for us - a toddler's kiss does cure everything :)

Love you lots, baby darling,

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