Sunday, September 4, 2016

My Daily Outfits: Feelin' the Blues

It's always a bit of a joke with my friends and I that I adore the colour blue and almost always have something blue on. 

One thing about having work buddies with similar tastes is that we end up buying the same stuff during lunch breaks and joke about wearing them together at the same time as our office uniforms. This flirty and fun mini is what we call our "Alice in Wonderland" skirt and it's such a easy piece to wear as it goes with virtually anything. I've paired it with a silver, mid open back top for the weekend.

My blush Melissas are one of the best buys I've ever made this year, these saw me through hours of trudging through London pavements and make a dressier alternative to sport shoes. SY, I'm indebted to you for picking such an elegant yet neutral colour for me.

I added a bit of sparkle to my white top - blue jeans combo with my late grandma's brooch fastened onto the pocket. I'd to warn Bubs not to suddenly run into me to avoiding hurting himself or getting a nasty jab myself.

I got this Zara top during my mad power shopping session at Oxford Street and the intricate white lace hem reminds me of Nonya kebayas. I've been using my Cambridge cloud satchel for close to half a year now and it's been the perfect travelling bag with its convenient top handle plus cross body strap. The only issue I've had with it is that with prolonged use, the top handle slips out from the sides. I resorted to tying some twine (and not even in blue, lol) to provide a bit of grip and it works but I'm trying to look for a nicer-looking fix.

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