Friday, December 20, 2013

Bub's Bedroom: a Sneak Peek

Here's a little confession: we've been such slack parents that it took us 3 years to get Bub's bedroom ready. By the time it was ready, we've skipped past the nursery stage to the little kid room now.

Hubs painted all the walls himself (bless you, darling!). We tried letting Bubs pick a colour for his room but he kept changing his mind every 5 minutes. "Blue ... no, gween ... no, wait, I want owange ..., I want blue! Can I have a yellow woom pwease?" We ended up picking a mid sea blue which felt very tranquil.

Since Bubs has both eczema and sinusitis, we wanted his room to be very minimal and fuss free. As much as I love how rugs would soften up the look of a room, I didn't want a dust mite party there so the floor is bare tiles which makes it a lot easier to clean. Not a huge fan of build in wardrobes but we needed the storage space for all his toys. 

I really wanted a bunk bed but since there isn't an Ikea in Penang, Hubs baulked at the idea of paying the lorry to drive all the way out just to deliver a bed. In the end, we settled on a trundle bed which has a mini storage space on the headboard for him to keep all his little boy treasures. I can imagine the trundle bed coming in very handy for sleepovers.

This free template here was used for the Pacman garland and I liked the idea of books as moveable art so the Ikea Ribba ledge came in handy to display some well loved picture books. See that Very Hungry Caterpillar book? It belonged to me when I was not much older than Bubs and I'm thrilled to be able to share that with him now :) 

Bubs chilling out in his room :)


  1. very nice Andrea !! Looks like he will be sleeping by himself soon :):)

    1. thanks! :) he's only napping in there during the afternoon and super attached to us at nite, lol


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