Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Wedding

Hub's brother got married over the weekend and I gamely signed up to do a dessert table for him and his wife :D After all, blog surfing is my thing and how hard could it be, right?

Errr ... no, it translated to a lot of planning and setting up in reality.

At first I was thinking of ordering pastel colours of macarons, pretty swirls of merringue, delicate looking cupcakes ... until I calculate the costs and came to my senses. Rethinking it through, I decided heck, since I'm such a proud Penang lang, why don't I do a dessert table with a Penang twist?


I present to you, tadaaaa - a blast from the past.

Remember all these snacks, people? These used to be sold in the school canteens during the 80s. I found them still stocked at a little wholesaler at Carnovan St and was literally grabbing cartons of them: iced gems (I call them atap chee), #8 choc candies - the more affordable version of Smarties and Hubs told me he used to tie rubber bands onto them to wear them as spectacles. Dindangs, Red Indian bubblegum, Haw flakes (my MIL said she ate them as a kid, how cool is that), Japanese bubblegum and those little tubes of bubbles that last an incredibly long time.

My crew comprised of Siew, her ever so helpful husband and baby Jaz, who entertained Bubs. Teehee, I even stole some props from Bub's toy set: his Mother Garden picnic basket and a mini blackboard.

The blushing bride - everyone laughed because when it was time for the bouquet toss, all her girlfriends eschewed it and it fell flat to the ground.

Bubs proudly holding his bubble. Can you believe that it was Hubs that blew it for him? I'm hopelessly uncoordinated.

My boo and me :)

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