Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Weekend Edit

During uni, the X had a part time job on weekdays and he told me that that made him cherish the weekends even better.

Straight up.

Weekends are meant for ...

Saturday lunches with the family.My family had very fond memories of eating at Hainanese restaurants back in the old days and we were excited to find out that one of our favourites, Hollywood at Tg Bungah was back in business again.

You get a beautiful view of the ocean and sandy beach lined by swaying coconut trees. It's my dream to own a place by the sea so I can fall asleep listening to the hypnotic crashing of the waves. Bear in mind the restaurant is un-air conditioned but you get a nice sea breeze coming in through the many open windows.

My parents have gotten used to us snapping photos of food before we eat.

And of each other.

My family adores the chicken macaroni pie. Baked macaroni with chicken chunks in a creamy sauce topped with a meringue-like crust. It's really simple, comfort food.

Sundays are always spent with a sigh that the long week ahead is looming. I try to squeeze every last bit of the weekend left.

I always wonder what would happen if you're walking across Gurney Paragon and the fountain just starts spraying jets of water out?

We are huge fans of Miam Miam, it satisfies our sweet tooth and I swoon over the whimsical decor.

Hubs and I are divided over the matcha latte. He likes it hot whilst I prefer it cold with a dollop of green tea ice cream in it. We could drink cupfuls of these!


Followed by a souffle pancake to end the weekend with a sweet note.

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