Sunday, October 13, 2013

New Beginnings

A change will do you goodddddd ... I've decidedly been stuck in a rut for quite some time so I decided to make changes in baby steps.

Once upon a time, I was a makeup-holic and though now I shudder at the amount of cash/stash I used to have, those were fun times. Fairy Godma can tell you guys about the time I literally skipped when Stila opened its first counter in Penang, ah those good ol' days ... I digress. I then went on a strict makeup ban and only replenished essentials.

My holy grails for the past couple of years have been Bobbi Brown's BB cream and concealer stick for everyday use plus a slick of Fresh Sugar Rose lip tint on weekends. Why bother changing? Because a change will do you gooddddd ... you can see where this is going ;)

I'm reserving the Christian Dior Nude Skin Glowing Makeup for weekend use only because it takes more effort to blend plus I need a base (using rosehip oil) for it. So far I'm happy with it as it does a good job of masking my freckles and blemishes but is still sheer with a dewy finish.

I can't live without concealer and over the years, I've tested quite a number. My favourites to date have been Becca and Bobbi Brown's stick concealer. I've heard so many raves about Cle de Peau and since there's a counter at Parkson Gurney, I went over to test shades. It's definitely a splurge but I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that a little will go a long way with this one.

I've gone through 2 tubes of Fresh Sugar Rose lip tints. It's that good: easy to swipe on without a mirror and such a bright, cheery pop of red. So I figured I should be more adventurous and try a different shade this time. I went with Sugar Honey (don't all the names sound like they belong in a patisserie?) It's a more opaque caramel pink which looks closer to a proper lipstick instead of a tint and has a more polished finish.

Last week, there was a fire at one of the units here at night and though it wasn't severe, the thick, white clouds of smoke caused a scare and everyone evacuated the building. I was carrying Bubs (we didn't even had time to pop shoes on him) and Hubs was holding my elbow as we ran down the fire escape. It must have been some kind of mummy adrenaline because I managed to carry Bubs with one arm and the other firmly clasping a damp cloth over his nose to prevent him from breathing in any soot all the way down the fire escape without feeling tired. When we reached the ground floor, the first thing I did was to utter a prayer of thanks that we were safe as a family and the second was ... thank goodness my pajamas didn't have holes in them!

After that scare, I went out to get some new pajamas and chucked away the old, holey ones, LOL. Uniqlo was having a clearance on some lines so I managed to get a couple of Laudaree tees (hey, if I can't eat them, I might as well wear them) and some stripey bottoms. These are soooo comfy and soft plus look decent enough to be worn out of home.

Couldn't resist this soft nude embellished blouse from Topshop either. The fit is a bit awkward as it's very loose in width and short in length. Planning on wearing this with dark skinny jeans or a navy, fitted skirt with heels. Massive love.

I finally went for a shorter cut! Those that have known me since college are aware that I'm incapable of keeping my hair past my shoulders. I always get bored with how shaggy it looks and I don't know how to knot it into a bun. I kept it long when Bubs was a newborn mainly because it's easier to maintain but now that I've more time on my hands, I wanted to go back to a reverse bob. This time I'd an asymmetrical cut and it's really short at the back. Comments I've had ranged from "errrr ... did your hairdresser forget to trim the sides evenly" to "I like mummy's short hair" (Bub's opinion doesn't count, he gets annoyed with me leaving long strands around in the house)

 That's all, folks - what changes have you made recently?


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