Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dear Bubs: 37 Months

Dear Bubs,

We've reached yet another milestone: you're now 3 years old! Why is it that the first few months (cue: late night diaper changes, colic, crying-just-because) crawled on at a snails pace but now, time seems to blaze past like a shooting star? It has been a magical 3 years learning and growing with you and I wish for many more happy years to come.


You've lost all your baby fat and have now become a lean boy. I've no idea if you're considered skinny at this point because you can still wear the same pair of pants that you did when you were 2 but gosh, you have a MASSIVE appetite when it comes to the food you love. You develop a little Buddha belly after a huge amount of food and we use that as a cue to stop your eating even though you insist you can eat more. Daddy calls you a goldfish that would happily eat until your tummy explodes if we don't stop you. You're terrible about sharing desserts with people and many a time when Daddy tries to beg a mouth of ice cream/cake from you, you tell him off "Daddy, go eat your dinner."

Speaking of food, this is what you told me:
Me: What happens if you run while you've food in your mouth?
Bubs: I'll fall down and choke and die like an old man.

During the day, including afternoon naps, you are potty trained and go about happily diaper free. We have yet to give night potty training a go because Daddy and I are too tired to wake up to ask you to go wee. One thing at a time.

When asked what do you want to be when you grow up, your favourite occupation would be a bus/taxi/ambulance (elm-boo-lance as you call it) driver. We trick you into eating your vegetables by telling you that it'll help make your legs grow long enough to reach the car pedals. One of our favourite conversions go like this:

Bubs: Taxiiiiiii ... taxiiiii!
Me: What are you doing?
Bubs: Trying to catch a taxi
Me: What for?
Bubs: So I can keep it and when I grow taller, my feet can reach the pedal and I can brrrrrroom it fast fast and hit daddy's car

The television in our home broke down and we've never gotten around to replacing so you've become starved for anything with a screen. Your favourite shows on YouTube are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Pocoyo and Gummi Bears and you figured out how to use a mouse AND a touchpad on our computers (or comp-pink-ter as you call it) just so you can sneakily continue watching YouTube without calling us to click a new show for you. Whenever you get a chance outside, you are glued to a screen.

Which comes in very handy at the dental clinic. You are so fascinated with the cartoons there that you are such an angel while on the dentist's chair and lie there without protest while getting your fillings done.

You love going to the playground to play with other children and you're getting a lot better at this sharing business. In fact, too good to the point where if other children shove you away, you quietly move without protest. Errrr ... my fault perhaps? Let's re-think this again.

One of your favourite toys at the moment are your Ikea trains. Half the fun is building the tracks out and as you like to say, here, here, there, there, every where where.

My birthday wish for you is to forever be yourself, be bold, be fearless and never lose your sense of wonder with the world. To take a flying leap of faith and soar high. And to know that I'll always be your safety net. I love you so much.



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