Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sukhothai and Miam Miam at Gurney Paragon

I can't stop raving about Sukhothai which serves IMHO the best ever beef noodles in Penang so when I found out that they have moved shop to the new Gurney Paragon, I was overjoyed. Beef noodles plus shopping - could there be a better combination?

There weren't that many shops opened yet at Gurney Paragon, I'm still waiting for H&M, Godiva and Denbenhams to open. There's also going to be a Michael Kors. Sephora and Victoria's Secret were packed with people.

My favourite Thai restaurant. They also cook up a really melt in your mouth stewed pork rice that my Dad and Hubs love to bits.

No meal at Sukhothai is ever complete without their signature mango sticky rice with both white and black glutinous rice. Bubs polished off all the fresh mango while we were left with the rice.

Gurney Paragon
Tel: 0164387788 Joanne Ang 0164335588 CE Ang

Gurney Paragon has a Flaunt Your Feathers program going on where if you're spotted wearing feathers, you get a surprise gift comprising of vouchers. I love my peacock headband - when I was pregnant with Bubs and got bored of my limited wardrobe, it was accessories like these made my outfits go the extra mile.

They hide my tummy with a girly frill - what's not to love about peplums ;)


After all the jostling with crowds, we had a quick afternoon tea at Miam Miam, a whimsical Japanese French cafe that serves pastas, sandwiches and delish desserts. It's just next door to Ben's and they retained the gorgeous, pre-war floor tiling. I found the service to be really fast and efficient given that it was a full house.

The hot matcha latte (RM10.80) was a winner. I usually avoid green tea based beverages as I find them to be too artificial and cloying but this was really good, with the slightly grassy, full bodied green tea mellowed with the creamy, warm milk.

The vanilla souffle (RM16.80) was eagerly attacked by Hubs and Bubs who loved its comforting sweet taste and warm, eggy interior. I found it to be a little on the small side but as it was perfectly executed and not sickly saccharine, it was not too bad. Hubs found it funny that I choked on the icing sugar when I took a bite :(

I thought the matcha ogura pancake (which comes with a choice of cream of softee ice cream) was really nice, it had a fluffy and soft souffle-like pancake base topped with red bean paste, green tea jelly cubes and green tea ice cream - green tea overload, much? ;) I loved it but Hubs wasn't a fan so Bubs and I pretty much polished this off in a jiffy.

Miam Miam
St. Jo's, Gurney Paragon (right next to Ben's)


  1. how much is the greentea thing in the last photo??

  2. Ooops, I realised I forgot to post the price for the pancake & I lost the receipt :( sorry


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