Friday, July 19, 2013

Coloured Jeans

Coloured jeans - passe? If they are, I never got the memo ;)

I love how they just add such a cheerful pop of colour into every day outfits and they are certainly FUN! I'm lucky that my office has a smart casual dress code so I've gotten away with sneaking a few pairs of coloured jeans into my work wear.

One of my most preferred colour combinations: a mint green lace tank and bright blue jeans with aqua heels. My favourite little guy is wearing his favourite Elmo tee with hand me down jeans (he is blessed with cousins older than him) and gifted Adidas sandals (thanks Aussie Godma!)

I haven't worn cutesy print round neck tees for ages but thought I could get away with a black and white cat print and salmon pink jeans. Topped it off with glittery ballet flats and a gold clutch.

Okay, I thought this combination was kinda loud but Hubs assured me that the colours were fine: a coral peplum top, lilac jeans and neon orange heels.


  1. You look lovely in all the photos.

    1. Thanks - the jeans are kinda stretchy so they are forgiving on my tummy! :)


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