Friday, June 21, 2013

Fashion Friday: the Cambridge Satchel Company

Look what my Mum got me from London - my very own Cambridge Satchel, yay! I've been lusting over one for the longest time ever. I requested for the 11" since I wanted something small and picking the colour was soooo hard. They're all so gorgeous and available in jewel hues - should I go with something classic like a chestnut brown? Something safe but unusual like a deep red or a rich blue? A trendy shade of metallic gold? In the end, I picked orange based on how it looked on other bloggers.

Mum called me from London in the middle of the night at the shop itself.

"You can't get orange, it's far too bright and glaring!" Since it was past midnight, I groggily agreed to light turquoise even though I'd no idea what colour it was.

I was a little afraid, to be honest, and was thinking of Mardi Gras shades.

When I finally got my hands on it, I heaved a sigh of relief. It's such a pretty colour, turns out that light turquoise to my Mum meant a pastel shade of Tiffany blue.

The buckles are fiddly and Hubs always laughs to see me scramble for them each time my mobile rings. Hmmph.

I love how structured it is and adds a schoolkid vibe (yes, I know it sounds deluded given that it's been decades since I last stepped into a school). The leather is stiff but I've heard reviews that it should soften down after a few wears.

It's been very versatile for me from pairing it with a girly, floral print dress.

To a tee and jeans - who'd have ever thought that baby blue and pale pink would go so happily together?


  1. very nice color. You didn't get your initial embossed on it?

    1. Thanks! It's 5 pounds per letter for the initials, I think. Since it was a free gift, I didn't dare push my luck ;)

  2. Love the colour of your satchel!

    SSG xxx

    1. Thanks - it's such a light colour, I'm scared to death of getting it dirty!


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