Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend in Peek-tures

We went on little trips around Penang over the weekend and it was fun, mingling with tourists and visiting the tourist-y parts here.

Since Bubs had such a fun time feeding fish and tortoises at Sam Poh Tong, Ipoh and repeatedly asks us "can we go to Ipoh, please?", we thought Kek Lok Si would have the same appeal for him. It wasn't that crowded because of the heavy drizzle so we wandered around the temple grounds.

Rows of wishing ribbons dangling from potted plants. Donations are welcomed and you could opt to have your name printed on a roof tile of the temple.

The garden was full of puddles because of the rain and Hubs and Bubs were smart enough to wear sandals. My ballet flats were soaked and made squishy sounds. You get a really nice view of Penang from this part of the temple.Bubs was getting antsy at this point, calling at the top of his voice "Tortoise, where are youuuu?"

It took us some hunting around to find the tortoise pen or "liberation pond" as it was titled. When we finally found it ... I was a little disappointed to be honest. It seemed crowded with all the tortoises in it, swimming in the murky water, the viewing area was also tiny and cramped. That didn't stop Bubs from waving frantically at them, spotting which ones he liked, looking for the baby tortoises.

We went to La Boheme, one of my favourite cafes for dessert. I'm fascinated with the charming little nooks inside the spacious cafe where everything looks so whimsical yet put together.

Hubs and Bubs were more interesting in polishing off the creme brulee.

Dinner with my Dad, I'm such a Daddy's girl :) My Dad's always been very camera shy, when we were younger, he'd say "aiyah, don't waste film lah", now that everything's gone digital, he'd say "aiyah, don't waste your phone battery lah"

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