Monday, April 1, 2013

The Happiest Things in Life Are ...

Having a fabulous weekend doing nothing but hanging out with family and close friends. I've been highly stressed out the whole work week so it was good to just spend some time away from the laptop, being reminded of what is truly important to me :)

Bubs's great aunt visited and I'm impressed with how he's gradually warming up to people that he's not really familiar with.

We celebrated Glam Girl's birthday a couple of days earlier. I can't believe that she's given birth just two months ago, she looks so svelte! Though I probably sabotaged her portion control plan by ordering this massive platter of garlic pork ribs, tequila spiked chicken, sausages, corn on cob, side salad, fries and corn bread at Morganfield.

Look at we found at Cold Storage - Adriano Zumbo premixes: passionfruit macarons, salted caramel macarons, chocolate brownies and choc mud mirror cake for RM30 each. It was so hard to  narrow down my choice to just one though I've to admit, the step by step instructions at the back seem a little dauntingfor a total novice like me. I picked the salted caramel macarons, given that Hubs loves anything caramel.

Bubs loves his Grandpa to bits and it melts my heart to watch how the both of them have so much fun playing together. Dad loves to make silly faces, tickle him, chase him around and Bubs responds by squealing and giggling with joy. Random Bubs fact: Hubs pointed out that Bubs speaks Hokkien to old people. It was cute to hear Dad ask "Bubs, do you want me to buy you more toys?" and Bubs relpying "Mai, wa oo liao" (no, I have enough) haha!


  1. Hope you had a lovely Easter, N!

    Let us know how the Zumbo goes. Been meaning to try.

    SSG xxx

    1. It looks sooo fiddly, a little intimidated by it, lol!


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