Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cozy in the Rocket Cafe, Penang

The proprietors of Amelie Cafe (which has since closed) are back in business with their new offering, Cozy in the Rocket. How does it compare? If Amelie Cafe was the shy little sibling with ribbons in her long plaits, Cozy in the Rocket is the chic older sis with a bohemian air.

This is not your usual heritage house styled cafe. Gone are the celing fans spinning lazily above and dingy, cramped tables. The inside of Cozy in the Rocket is large, spacious even with its cement-finished floor and exposed brickwork walls. A cool blast of air con greets you as you enter and thankfully, there are 2 separate sections: smoking (indoors) and non smoking in a charming garden patio next door. Fresh blooms in glass jars add a touch of whimsy to the place.

If I'm not mistaken, I think the owners did most of the artwork themselves. Can you spot the cool tongue in cheek triptych above?

The huge bar with colourful enamel tin mugs hanging above. Drinks, small bites and dolci (sweets) menu are chalked on the blackboard behind the polished cement counter. Mains are on a separate blackboard.

The garden with some tables outside is easily accessible from within the cafe. It's quite a cheerful little place.

I found the use of a vintage enamel mug as a cutlery holder really cute though I wondered where they found those F&N glass tumblers which were still in good condition? The mocha was deliciously rich though Hubs wished there was a larger serving of it - it was that good!

On to the food - their pastas are freshly made by hand, which is a rarity in Penang and range from around RM21 - RM25 with a choice of spaghetti or gnocchi. Hubs picked the aglio olio with German sausage. He thought the dish was nice though nothing special, the spicy German sausages added a spicy kick. On the other hand, I adored the mushroom and truffle oil gnocchi which was served in a decadent, white cream sauce. It was the ultimate comfort food. It's a little on the pricey side given the size of the portions but bear in mind that you are paying for fresh pasta and quality ingredients.

Happiness in a glass - well, its real name is chocolate hazelnut ricotta pudding but to merely label it delicious is an understatement. Topped with toasted hazelnuts, it was delicately flavoured and had generous shards of chocolate hidden within it. We were scrapping off the very last bits of this yummy-licious dessert and deciding who gets to have the last mouthful - naturally Bubs won of course :p

Cozy in the Rocket
Address: 262 & 264, Lebuh Pantai, George Town, Penang.
Tel: +6012 496 7838
Opening hours: 10am-5pm
Closes on every Monday


  1. The services were really "shit"... Have heard about this cafe before and drop by during my visit, but full of dissatisfaction & disappointed!!!!

  2. this cafe is bloody shit. when you come in, sit down, ask for menu, they say "menu on the board". u walk to the counter read the menu and want to order, they say " please back to your table".. when i order, they dont have "ice lemon tea" no "lemon Juice" no glass of water. no Wifi. minimum order " everyone on the table must order one drink..... one 3 people working. the owner must be very shit person. save the menu printing, save the Wifi, save the workers, and the coffee nothing fantastic... not worth the price... this owner have no sense of open a cafe... must be a very stingy person....bad service as well....oo yea... i get mosquito bite..4 spots in 15 minutes... and the girls next to my table get angry and leave the cafe...

  3. Menu is on the board. 1 people need to order either 1 drink or food (this is a must). Cozy place, nice food (for me, its overprice)... Bad sercive is the only thing that i can't tolerant. No next time!

  4. the service was ok when I was there...the food was good...and ordering from the blackboard menu is a norm here at Western styled cafes in KL...overall, I am happy with the experience there albeit a lil pricy... but ish good...lesser ppl go there...i can go there more often with lesser crowd :)

  5. I visited this cafe today with FULL of disappointment. When i first step in this cafe, the waiter is asking us to order from the counter and of course no issues about it.
    After we made our orders (two coffees and two spaghetti), we straight went back to our tables and wait for our food.

    After 10 min, there are two group (2 pax and 5 pax) of people coming and make their orders at the counter as usual. At the same time, Our orders- 2 coffee have been served while we taking some photo in the cafe.

    After waiting for 40 mins, our food still does not served while the other two groups are happy enjoying their spaghetti. Then i approached the waiter for the 1st time ask for my 2 spaghetti , the staff told me that the other two group of customers are ordering carbonara which is easier to prepare so I need to wait a bit longer since Spaghetti Aglio is taking longer time to prepare. Although i may not accept what he is answer but i dont mind to wait for a while.

    After 25 min later, I saw the waiter is serving a spaghetti Aglio (Which the same spaghetti that I ordered) to one of the two groups (5pax) that coming in later than us.

    I've approved the waiter for the 2nd time again at the counter to ask for my spaghetti. He told me that they might made some mistake and he will check again. Then I went back to my table and continue to wait.....

    After waiting for another 15 min, the food is still not been served so i've decided to cancel my orders. When i talk to the staff (guy) about the cancellation at the counter, a skinny Chinese lady approached me and keep on saying that they are in the progress of preparing it. Since i have waited for so long (total 80 mins), i just told her that i would like to go now due to time constraint (need to visit other places).

    The worse part- Once i have made the cancellation and walking back to my table for the bill, the Chinese lady YELL to the cook in hokkien "Mein Zo Liao" Stop cook for the food. which she purposely want me to hear about her anger. I believed that every in house guests are able to hear the yelling. I was so surprise with this attitude as i dont think i did anything wrong for cancelling my orders (after waited for 80 min).

    Full of disappointment and dissatisfied with this kind services. Although the coffee is nice, but I definitely will not visit this cafe again in future...


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